Grow light Pendant 3000LW

Grow light Pendant 3000LW

DKK 699,00DKK 799,00


DKK 699,00DKK 799,00

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Nice grow light lamp with white LED light, suitable for pre-sprouting and supplemental light, it produces a whopping 250W, but only uses 18Watt


Elegant design meets plant lighting

Capelo pendant light lamp, is a beautifully designed and stylish lamp by Flemming Agger that combines aesthetics with functionality. It is perfect for lighting plants and can hang in both a window and inside a room or living room, making it an ideal choice for any indoor gardening enthusiast.

Efficient and energy-saving grow light

The lamp is equipped with a high-gloss reflector and a powerful full-spectrum LED plant bulb that provides a light equivalent to 250 watts, but uses only 18 watts. This makes it not only efficient, but also energy-saving, with a reduction in energy consumption of the entire 80% compared to HPL light sources.

Suitable for all indoor plants

The Capelo pendant lamp is suitable for pre-germination, wintering and as general growth lighting for indoor plants. No matter what type of plants you grow, this lamp will ensure their optimal growth and well-being.

Easy installation and maintenance

The Capelo pendant lamp is easy to install and maintain. The package contains a Capelo screen with cord and an 18 watt white daylight LED light source. It makes it easy to set up and get started creating the ideal environment for your plants.

Flexible lighting conditions

The lamp comes with a light color of 840 (4000K), but if you have other preferences, please contact us to discuss the options. This ensures that you get the perfect lighting for your specific needs and wishes.

An investment in your plants

With the Capelo pendant lamp, you not only get a beautiful design piece for your home, but also an efficient and energy-saving solution that ensures your plants thrive and grow optimally. Make a good investment in your plants and your home by choosing the Capelo pendant lamp.

The package contains:

  • Capelo monitor with cord
  • White daylight 18Watt LED light source included
  • Performs like a 250Watt
  • Replaces HPL light sources with 80% energy saving
  • 3000Lm
  • Light color 840 (4000K) – Contact us if you want others

Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 20×20×25 cm
Screen Color


Wire color



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