Grow light LED round pendant full spectrum white light

Grow light LED round pendant full spectrum white light

Original price was: DKK 467,00.Current price is: DKK 327,00.


Original price was: DKK 467,00.Current price is: DKK 327,00.

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Pack of 1 pc. Round grow light lamp – supplied with suspension wire set and power supply cable.
The lamps are connected to 230V directly, no additional power supply is necessary, as it is built into the lamp.


Full spectrum grow light LED lamp 40Watt

Upgrade your plant cultivation with the SunLight grow lamp! This LED grow light lamp with a full spectrum of 40 Watts is designed with 250 specially developed grow LEDs of 0.2 Watts each. These diodes provide a unique growth spectrum suitable for most plants, from germination to overwintering.

The package contains 1 pc. lamps.


The LED grow light is suitable for:

  • Germination and growth of smaller Chiliplants
  • Germination and growth of less light-demanding plants
  • Wintering of smaller Citrus plants



  • Covers a growing area of diameter 100cm, at a height of 80cm above the plants.
  • Recommended distance for growing plants is 20-80cm depending on the light needs of the plants.
  • Recommended distance for plant germination is 20-25cm depending on the light needs of the sprouts.
  • It is recommended to have the lamp on between 10-16 hours per day.


The lamp is composed of the following LEDs:
660 nm – Red LED
735 nmn – IR LED
4000K/Ra90 – White LED


Radiated power:
PPFD @ 20 cm = 265 µmol / m2 / s
PPFD @ 30 cm = 160 µmol / m2 / s
PPFD @ 50 cm = 80 µmol / m2 / s


Product details

The light

Type: LED grow lamp
Form: UFO
Color temperature (K): 660nm + 735nm + 4000K
Color rendering (Ra/CRI): 90+
Luminous flux (Lumen):
Dimmable: No

Power & Voltage

Excitement: 85-265 AC
Consumption (Watts): 40
Comparative value (W): 250
Light color: Grow lights
Spread angle: 60°
Expected Lifetime (Hours): 20.000
MacAdam steps: SCDM<5
Energy class: LEDs
Pfc.: 0,5
Turn Cycle on/off: 50.000

Other info

Wide: 330 mm
Length: 330 mm
Height: 30 mm
Lifetime warranty 2 Years
IP: 20
Base (socket): Cable with plug
Compliant: LM80
Working temperature: -20° – +50°
LED: Full spectrum growth diodes


Note: the length of the supply cable is 150cm.

 Note for the product: Seed plants should receive: 4-6 mol/day
Growing plants should receive: 10-12 mol/day


Additional information

Weight 1 kg



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