120W grow light bulb PAR30 E27 3500K (25Watt)


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With a grow light bulb, you get a powerful light source that promotes the growth of your plants. This full-spectrum E27 spot produces a full 120W, but uses only 25W.


PAR30 LED grow light bulb with E27 socket

This full-spectrum E27 grow light bulb produces a full 120W, but uses only 25W. Suitable for mounting in an E27 socket with cord. The spot has a light that has been specially developed to perform at its best grow lights for your plants. The light source has a nice and pleasant full-spectrum light, and a nice glare-free 60gr. halo optics, as well as an absolutely fantastic color reproduction at Ra 90.

Grolys bulb with E27 socket

This full-spectrum LED spot produces a whopping 120W, but only uses 25W of energy.
Suitable for mounting in a suspended E27 socket with cord.

With a LED grow light bulbs, you get a powerful photosynthetic light that supports the growth of your plants, and at the same time is pleasant to be around. A full-spectrum spot can therefore be used both in the living room, the office and other places where you want to be able to enjoy your plants.

A large light bulb with LED is a highly efficient light source, which in normal use does not cost much more than approx. DKK 1 to light up per day.


Recommended height for grolys bulb:

Light-demanding plants: 25 cm
Less light-demanding plants: 40 cm


Light intensity

  • PPFD @ 30cm: 300 μmol/(m2*s) Dia:25cm
  • PPFD @ 45cm: 140 μmol/(m2*s) Dia:45cm
  • PPFD @ 60cm: 90 μmol/(m2*s) Dia:60cm
  • PPFD @ 100cm: 60 μmol/(m2*s) Dia:100cm


Grow lights for overwintering plants

This powerful grolys bulb can help your plants through the dark Danish winter, e.g. you can hang it over a little less citrus trees, olive trees or chili plants so that they get enough light through the winter. Remember to be careful not to overwater yours overwintering plants, feel free to get one land surveyor to monitor plant soil moisture.


Lamps with fluorescent lights

With its small size, the PAR30 grolys bulb fits perfectly in one pendant lamp, or a white fabric cord with E27 socket. The Grolys bulb can thus be hung above your plants without dazzling, and can at the same time support the decor in, for example, your living room.


Need help choosing plant lights?

Do you have doubts, have questions or need help lighting your plants? Then we are ready with good advice and guidance, so please contact us!


Guidance and help for smaller plants:

  • Wintering of geraniums (Remember that the geraniums are placed in a bright and cool place at 5-10⁰C)
  • Wintering of chili plants (Remember that chilli plants are placed bright and cool at 2-10⁰C)
  • Wintering of olive trees (Remember that olive trees are placed bright and cool at 5-10⁰C)

It is recommended that none of the plants get frost at any time, and they get extra light to be able to keep all the leaves.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Technical specifications

The light

EAN: 5710777270951
Color temperature (K): 3500
RAW: 90
Dimmable: No
Lumens: 2000

Power & Voltage

Excitement: 230
Consumption (Watts): 25
Replaces (Watts): 120
Light color: Warm White
Spread angle: 60°
Expected Lifetime (Hours): 25.000
MacAdam steps: SCDM≤ 2
Energy class: A+

Other info

Diameter: 90 mm
Length/Height: 125 mm
Lifetime Warranty: 2 Years
IP: 21

The item fits

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