Greek Basil – Bush basil seed


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Greek basil – Bushet dwarf basil frog


Greek basil – bushy plant with small leaves

The bush basil, also called Greek basil, has small leaves and a spherical, dense growth is an annual herb, often used as a spice. Its modest size makes it ideal for pot planting. The fragrant, dense bushes thrive all year round on sunny windowsills and go well with other herbs in pots, whether on a balcony or terrace. They can also decorate the edges of the garden.

The leaves from this type of basil are a flavor enhancer for both meat and vegetarian dishes. They are delicious in salads, sauces and with cheese. Basil is especially known from Italian cuisine and is indispensable in dishes with tomato. It is also a main ingredient in the classic green pesto. This herb adds a deep, sweet and slightly spicy flavor to dishes, and it perfectly complements omelets, pasta, stews and the traditional Italian pizza. It is best to add basil just before serving to preserve the full depth of flavor. The leaves can be enjoyed raw, dried or frozen.

You can sow basil in pots all year round. However, the most beautiful plants are obtained by sowing in the spring - in March indoors and at the beginning of May outdoors in pots. Use a nutrient-rich and light soil. Ordinary potting soil or soil for balcony plants is often sufficient. The small seeds do not need to be covered much with soil, as light promotes germination. Basil thrives in heat and sunlight, both immediately after sowing and throughout the growing period. The seedlings should be pricked out or thinned out, as too close planting can inhibit growth. Basil for planting in the garden should be planted after May 15 with a distance of 25 x 20 cm.

Each package contains 0.5 grams of Greek seeds dwarf basil. The package contains basic cultivation instructions and a recommended sowing date.

To grow Greek basil indoors, at least 5 hours of daily sunlight is required, alternatively we recommend that you acquire a strong grow light.


Each package contains 0.5 grams of them Greek basil seeds. On the package you will find basic information about the plant, tips for cultivation and recommended sowing date.

Height: 20 – 30 cm

Use: Herb – fresh, dried or frozen

Growth form: Bushy, compact

Location: Indoors or outdoors – warm, sunny location with nutrient-rich, light soil

Weight: 0.5 g


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