Chili "De Cayenne"


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Chili "De Cayenne" seeds for growing indoors or in the greenhouse. Home-grown chili is a good way to make sure that your home-made chili dishes are extra good and exactly the way you want them.


Chili “De Cayenne” seeds

Chili “De Cayenne” plants should always be grown in protection from nature. The chili plant is very heat-demanding, and it is therefore best to grow them in a greenhouse or indoors. The chilli plant is therefore particularly suitable for cultivation in our hydroponics smart garden kitchen gardens, but of course can also grow well in an ordinary potted plant. Chili "De Cayenne" is a relatively strong chili. The fruits of the chilli plant, i.e. the chillies themselves, are up to 10-15 cm long and 2-3 cm thick. To start with in the plant's fruiting phase, the fruits will be green, but as the plants mature, they will change to a deep red color. After the fruits have turned red, they are ready to be enjoyed. BUT BE CAREFUL! They are strong!

Remember to add liquid BIG A+B fertilizer during growth for maximum yield.

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Read more about the Cayenne chili here

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