Socket outlet Day clock without earth

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Day clock with 30 min. interval – For controlling grow light lamps and Quantum Board or for burglary prevention – The 24-hour clock is for indoor use


24 hour clock for controlling your grow light lamps

On off clock with interval

One Electric timer is ideal for automatically managing your grow light lamps which only needs to be switched on for a limited period of time, but is also very useful for preventing break-ins while you are on holiday.

This mechanical hours is without an earth plug, fits a regular socket, and is only for indoor use.

The clock can be set for 30 min. intervals with up to 24 activations and deactivations per Day.


Technical info
– Switching time: 30 minutes
– Childproof plug
– Voltage: 220-240V
– Current: 16A
– Max power: 3500W
– IP20


Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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