Digital Soil Tester – Lux | PH | Soil & air humidity

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With this smart measuring instrument, you get a total of 5 instruments in a smart digital soil analyzer. Suitable for flower and grass planting, landscaping, vegetable growing, potted plants, etc. This digital soil tester helps you create the most ideal conditions for your plants. With this digital soil tester, you no longer have to worry about whether your plants have the right conditions and what the soil in and around the plant is like.


Digital plant soil instrument

With this smart measuring instrument, you get a total of 5 instruments in a smart digital soil analyzer.

It is important to ensure that your plants have the most ideal conditions so that your plants can grow big and beautiful. With this digital plant soil analyzer, you can easily and quickly find out if your plants get the right amount of light, water, heat and find out what the pH value in the soil is. This digital plant soil analyzer helps give you an overview of what your plants need and what they don't need, so you can easily give your plants the right environment so they can grow big and unhealthy. This plant soil analyzer ensures that you no longer have to worry about your plants experiencing overwatering.

You can test the environment at the plant:

  • Brightness
  • Hygrometer – humidity in the air
  • Soil moisture content
  • Earth's temperature
  • Soil pH value

Easy to operate and display parameters on a large LCD screen with background lighting.


Product details

Product size: 19 x 7 cm
Probe length: 198 mm
Color: Black / Gray / Blue
Package size: 290 x 80 x 35 mm



Instrument features:

  1. Measure the light intensity in 9 intervals:


  1. Measure the soil's moisture content in 5 intervals:


  1. Measure the earth's temperature,
    Temperature measurement range: -9 ~ + 50 ℃, accuracy: 1 ℃
  2. Measure the pH value of the soil
    pH range: 3.5 – 9.0
  3. Measure the humidity around the plant:
    The percentage content of moisture in the air

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