Caraway seeds – Carum carvi

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Cumin is an herb that over two or more years first develops a rosette of wrinkled, dark green leaves and later a stem with white umbels.


Caraway seeds – Carum carvi

Cumin, often found in bread and cheese, is an herb with a distinct flavor that divides opinion. While the dried seeds are best known, the whole plant – from its parsnip-like root to its lobed leaves – can be used in cooking. It originates from the Middle East and has a long history in both culinary and medicinal uses. In Denmark, cumin was an important export product in the Middle Ages. The plant is easy to grow, thrives in sunny areas with nutrient-rich soil and requires watering during dry periods. It can be grown in gardens, raised beds or pots. A flower meadow is also enriched by cumin with its fragrant white umbels.

In the past, cumin was often grown in its own beds. The plant can be both biennial and perennial, grows up to 40 cm and has an appearance reminiscent of carrot tops. In the first year it develops a rosette of leaves, and in the second year it blooms with white umbels with a pink tinge. You can harvest its parsnip-like root in the first year, while in subsequent years it becomes coarser. The leaves can be used as an herb and the ripe seeds can be dried as a spice. Home-grown cumin is ideal in pretzels or schnapps.

If you want to grow cumin indoors, we recommend that you get a strong one grow light.

For optimal growing conditions, cumin thrives best in nutrient-rich, well-drained soil with good sunlight and protection from wind.

When growing, cumin is sown 1-2 cm deep in May-June, with approx. 30cm space between the rows.

Throughout the summer, watering should be done in dry conditions and fertilizer should be applied to ensure robust plants that can overwinter and flower the following year.

The seeds are collected in July and must be dried thoroughly before storage.


Cumin is ideal for growing in kitchen or herb gardens alongside other perennial herbs.


Height: 50-100 cm

Use: Herb – fresh, dried or frozen

Growth form: Bushy, compact

Weight: approx. 1 g

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