Cherry tomato seed – Dwarf tomato “Mascot”

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Dwarf cherry tomatoes can be grown with advantage in a smart garden system. Dwarf tomatoes are also suitable for a pot in a warm, sunny place, delicious for food.


Dwarf tomato seed – Lycopersicon esculentum Mill

The tomato "Mascot" (Lycopersicon esculentum) is a dwarf tomato, with cocktail tomatoes. It thrives best in small gardens or on the balcony, but can also be grown in larger pots.

This dwarf variety develops slender stems that form a bushy growth. The plant produces a large number of small, round red fruits that reach 2-4 cm in diameter.

The cocktail, cherry tomato, achieves a nice red color on the skin. They are also sweet and delicious and therefore taste good in salads, with pasta, meat or as a garnish.

Can be used both fresh and dried.

Grows up to 30-60 cm tall, bushy low growth, must be planted in a warm and sunny location.

Best grown in a smart indoor vegetable garden or in the greenhouse, as well as on the windowsill.


Place sunny and warm in nutrient-rich soil with an even supply of water. After sowing, the soil is kept moist until germination is well under way.

Harvested in July to September

The package contains approx. 100 seeds



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