Bunny Grow – All Purpose 450ml fertilizer

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Bunny Grow – All Purpose from Bunny Grow is a natural and 100% organic granular rabbit fertilizer for plants that slowly releases its nutrients. With its high NPK content, the fertilizer is suitable for almost all types of plants, in all phases of their life. It is therefore extremely "All Purpose"


Bunny Grow – All Purpose 450ml plant fertilizer

All Purpose from Bunny Grow is a natural and 100% organic granular/powder plant fertilizer that slowly releases its nutrients. With its npk content, the fertilizer is suitable for use in almost all contexts. It is important to ensure that one's plants, flowers and herbs get the best conditions to grow large and healthy, it is therefore important to be aware of what type of fertilizer is used. All Purpose from Bunny Grow helps to ensure that all kinds of plants grow and perform well.

Bunny Grow – All Purpose is a natural and 100% organic powder plant fertilizer. The reason for this is that it is based on rabbit droppings. Rabbit manure is not just ordinary fertiliser, "rabbit shit" is extremely sustainable, and is actually the type natural fertilizer, of all manure produced by livestock, which has the highest content of npk and nutrients. All Purpose however, is not made up entirely of rabbit manure, it is actually a mixture of rabbit manure and crushed dried cucumber scraps. Which makes the fertilizer even more effective, so that the plants can grow big and strong throughout their growing period. Rabbit manure is so good that it is typically called "garden gold" among private experts and agricultural universities. The story of how the idea of rabbit manure, and therefore Bunny Grow, came to be is actually quite wild. You can read about the story here: The story behind Bunny Grow

Bunny Grow – All Purpose  plant fertilizer has an NPK value of: 1.8-1.5-1.4, as well as a high content of both primary and secondary micronutrients. The large content with a relatively suitable content of both nitrogen, nitrogen and phosphorus makes it an organic fertilizer Bunny Grow – All Purpose absolutely perfect as fertilizer, for almost all kinds of plants. Bunny Grow fertilizer has the special property that it is slowly excreted, this means that the nutrients from the fertilizer will be available to the plant for a long period. The fact that it is slowly excreting also means that the risk of overfertilizing is very small. This type of fertilizer is therefore suitable for both seasoned plant experts as well as beginners.

Instructions for use
Bunny Grow – All Purpose is suitable for both pots, jars, balcony boxes, beds and gardens, indoors and outdoors. Since there is a lot of nitrogen/nitrogen in fertilizer, it is particularly suitable for plants that need this. The fertilizer must be sprinkled on top and must be mixed into the top layer of soil. Make sure to mix it a little, and use approx. 1-2 tsp. All Purpose. per plant. The amount of All Purpose can, of course, vary depending on the size and type of the plants. After the fertilizer has been added, watering should be done. It is recommended to fertilize with the fertilizer approximately every 2-3 weeks. You should be aware that mycelium can form with the fertilizer on top of the growing medium, this is not dangerous, but is just a good sign that the fertilizer makes the microorganisms thrive.

Bunny Grow – All Purpose fertilizer has been analyzed by the German expert fertilizer laboratory Agrolab.
Agrolab's results for the fertilizer content can be seen below

Primary nutrients  Contents  Unit 
Nitrogen (N)  1.8  % 
Water soluble nitrogen (N)  1.6  % 
Phosphorus (P)  0.7  % 
Phosphate (P2ISLAND5)  1.5  % 
Potassium (K)  1.2  % 
Potassium oxide (K2ISLAND)  1.4  % 
Secondary nutrients     
Calcium (Ca)  1.1  % 
Magnesium (Mg)  0.26  % 
Sulfur (S)  0.23  % 
Sodium (Na)  <0.12  % 
Boron (B)  11.2  mg/kg 
Cobalt (Co)  <5.94  mg/kg 
Copper (Cu)  25.2  mg/kg 
Iron (Fairy)  1080  mg/kg 
Magnesium (Mn)  165  mg/kg 
Molybdenum (Mo)  <5.0  mg/kg 
Zinc (Zn)  292  mg/kg 

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