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Give the scent and taste a boost with Aroma Boost from BiG Plant Science


BiG Plant Science – Aroma Boost Y

The terpentenes found in the plant's crystals - trichomes - consist of many different aromatic molecules.

It is this composition and concentration of the various aromatic molecules that gives the plant its characteristic scent and taste.

Aroma Boost is a professional aroma enhancer that contains all the building blocks found in aromatic molecules;
bioactive sulphur, magnesium complexes and also a special aminogram rich in L-glutamic acid.

In addition, Aroma Boost has added pro-humic and fluvic acids, which increase the uptake of fertiliser.

Aroma Boost allows the plant to express its full aroma profile.

Last but not least, it adds a richer taste experience to the final product.

With Aroma Boost, the scent and taste are boosted to new heights.


More information: Big plant science fertilizer schedule

Producer: Big Plant Science
Amount: 1L
  • Sulfur 3.3%
  • Magnesium 2.5%
  • Amino acids 2%
  • Pro-Humic Acids 1%
  • Pro-fluvic acid 0.5%
Also available in: 1L, 5L, 25L, 60L

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