Balkoni Red F1 Tomato seeds 

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Seeds for home cultivation of Balkoni Red F1 tomato. The tomatoes are small and have a beautiful racing car red color. They can be grown both indoors and outdoors.


Red Balkoni F1 tomato seed

This seed pack contains high quality seeds for growing Balkoni Red F1 tomatoes. There are many delicious things about Balkoni Red F1 tomatoes. Among other things, the F1 tomato plant can be grown both inside and outside, and does not require much maintenance or care. As the name suggests, the tomatoes are very red tomatoes. But they are actually not just ordinary tomatoes, they are actually dwarf tomatoes. This means that the tomato fruits have a much stronger and far more concentrated taste than fruits from ordinary tomato plants, but they are of course a little bit smaller, about the size of a slightly large five-crore.

Another delicious thing about Balkoni Red F1 tomatoes is their taste, they taste very delicious. The tomatoes are both firm and very sweet, and they are also extremely juicy. It is therefore far from a bad idea to use these tomatoes to bake an absolutely fantastic home-baked pizza, but they can also easily be used with good results, in things like salts or sandwiches. If you want to preserve your tomatoes, it is possible to do this in brine and vinegar, so you can enjoy your home-grown tomatoes for a long time. The tomatoes have a high content of vitamin C, but also contain B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, and many other minerals, but another way to say this is that they are really healthy.

But the Balkoni Red F1 tomato plant is not only delicious for the taste buds and the health of the body, it is also a very nice tomato that is delicious for the eyes. Tomato fruits have a very strong red color, a bit like a Formula One Ferrari racing car, which helps give the plant its eye-catching F1 name. With its beautiful red color, it is perfect for standing outside so that the neighbors and all those who pass by can enjoy how beautiful it is. It could, for example, be in places such as balconies and terraces, or in the idyllic outdoor kitchen garden. But there is also an extremely tasty plant, and it can therefore also make sense to grow it in our hydroponics smart garden kitchen gardens if you want to harvest as large a supply as possible.

Remember to add liquid BIG A+B fertilizer during growth for maximum yield.

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