Plant boxes for your garden or patio


Planter boxes: bring life to your garden and terrace with our planter boxes

Welcome to our selected range of planters, designed perfectly for any garden enthusiast or for people with a terrese who just want to add a little more life and colour.
We are proud to present our carefully selected range of planters that are made to combine both functionality and design, without sacrificing one or the other, the design is carefully selected to cover the necessary needs that come when you start repotting or just need a nice raised bed in the garden.

Choosing the right size.

As we know how much plants can vary, we have chosen to give you the opportunity to choose from a larger selection of planter boxes, whether you need a planter box for your balcony or a medium-sized planter box for your terrace, or something completely different, we have several sizes so we might be able to find exactly what you're looking for:
Smart Solutions for Your Planting
Wheels and supports: Our selection also includes planters on wheels that make it easy to rearrange your outdoor space and follow the sun's path across the sky.
Efficient Drainage: We've made sure our planters come with efficient drainage systems to avoid overwatering and ensure healthy plant growth.

Enjoy the Benefits of Planter Boxes

Planter boxes lift your plants up and off the ground, reducing the risk of pests and diseases. They also offer easier maintenance and an organised approach to gardening, while adding beauty and structure to your outdoor space.

Corten steel planters

Planter boxes made from corten steel offer a modern and durable design that is made for both indoor and outdoor planting, it is often made to be movable due to the weight not being heavy compared to other alternatives, as corten steel develops a very specific kind of patina of rust over time, which also protects the steel from further rusting.

Plant boxes on wheels

Planter boxes that have wheels are easier to move around which also makes them more mobile compared to those without wheels, which makes it easy to move them around if you have large plants that need a lot of sunlight, which also makes them more mobile compared to those without wheels.

Indoor planters.

Our planters are possible to have indoors as they still provide a unique design where they can be used for either large plants or small plant beds, making their use indoors a possibility. They are designed to fit in with the aesthetics of the home and come in different sizes and materials, including wood, metal and plastic, to complement any interior design style.

Planter box balcony.

Our planter boxes are also possible to use on a balcony as they are designed with wheels which makes them convenient to move, however, we would like to remind you that the planter boxes already have a lot of weight and if you add more weight in them, in the form of plants and soil, the weight will clearly increase.



What goes in the bottom of a planter box?
To ensure good drainage and prevent roots from standing in water, you can place a layer of gravel or leca balls in the bottom of your planter box before filling it with soil.

Can you use weed cloth in planters?
Yes, you can use weed cloth at the bottom of a planter box to minimise weed growth. The fabric allows water to drain through while blocking weed growth.

So what can you put in a planter box?
You can sow a wide variety of plants in a planter box, including vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, and herbs, or flowers to create a decorative element in your garden.

What do you build planters out of?
Planter boxes can be built from different materials such as wood, metal or recycled plastic. Choose a material that is robust and can withstand the weather conditions in your area.

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