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Forsporing's Starter Kits - designed to help both experienced and novice growers succeed in growing new plants. Here you get everything you need to get started with pre-sprouting plants

Pre-sprout grow light mini greenhouse

Large starter pack for pre-sprouting

A large pre-sprouting starter pack will typically contain more of everything the plant needs, including soil mix, fertiliser, watering systems and other tools to ensure good growth. This allows the plant to get off to a strong start and reduces the risk of running out of nutrients or other important elements.

Intermediate starter pack for pre-sprouting

A medium pre-germination starter kit will typically contain less of these things, but still provide the plant with the necessary nutrients and environmental conditions for healthy growth. A medium pre-germination starter kit can be a good solution for those who want to save money or have experience growing plants and know how to build a good environment for plant growth.

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Seed trays in professional quality - Environmentally friendly seed trays for your plants


Effective grow light for nicer and more resistant plants

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