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Odense zoo aquarium light

AquariumLight is one of the most important parts of an aquarium, right after water and the aquarium itself.
The light maintains plant growth and keeps the aquarium healthy.

unstigt aquarium lighting is especially effective when it comes to aquariums with fish, because despite the fact that fish are not plants, good and stable lighting is actually very important for fish to stay healthy and grow.

LED grow light
can be dimmed as needed, which reduces algae in the water. Therefore, good lighting mounted above your aquarium is important when you want to maintain your aquarium, and 
guarantee life in the best possible living conditions.  

The right aquarium light

Odense Zoo has recently invested in more optimal lighting in their aquariums. They have done this to ensure that all their fish have good living conditions.
Just like humans, fish can be disturbed by too many unforeseen events in their daily lives. These disruptions create stress symptoms and can therefore later develop into a depression/fatigue in the fishDepression in fish may sound a bit like a bad joke, but it is very real and serious.

It is therefore extremely It is important that fish receive the right amount of lighting and that there are not too many changes during the fish's lifetime, such as frequent bulb or lamp changes.

With the right lighting, you can ensure that your fish live a healthy life. At the same time, suspended aquarium grow lights make the aquarium more pleasant and calming to look at. 

aquarium lights from plant lights as seen in Odense Zoo

The ceiling-mounted lamps that Odense zoo has chosen to use are Sunlight LED growth lamp, it is a 200W waterproof aquarium lights from, with them Odense Zoo has made it possible to maintain a clean and healthy aquarium.

The lamps have a high lifespan of up to 45,000 hours and can cover an area of up to Ø100cm. The lamp's long lifespan, compared to conventional aquarium grow lights, has spared Odense Zoo changing lighting in the aquarium too often, which in turn has spared the fish. Read more about our collaborations with Odense zoo.

As mentioned earlier, these changes can be very disruptive to the fish and increase the risk of stress developing. The new grow lights have thus been an important element in minimising disturbance and maintaining a healthy environment for the fish and life in the aquarium.

100w hb4

With the right LED growth lamp/aquarium light, your aquarium has everything it needs to maintain a healthy aquarium culture.
In addition to the fish, LED plant lights also help to provide the best conditions for the aquarium's plants. In other words, there really isn't anything that LED plant lights don't benefit your aquarium, so there are virtually no reasons not to upgrade your aquarium with LED aquarium lights. 

  • SunLight Pro-Gro T8 grow light fixture 18Watt 120cmSunLight Pro-Gro T8 grow light fixture 18Watt 120cm
  • SunLight Pro-Gro T8 grow light fixture 9Watt 60cmSunLight Pro-Gro T8 grow light fixture 9Watt 60cm
  • SunLight full spectrum LED grow light lamp 200WattSunLight full spectrum LED grow light lamp 200Watt

Save on the electricity bill and save the environment 

Traditional aquarium lighting has often exposed fish to stress symptoms due to the frequent replacement of fluorescent tubes, as replacement has been necessary to maintain a good-looking aquarium. Besides the impact on the fish, replacing fluorescent tubes also has a huge negative impact on the environment. Traditional fluorescent tubes contain the toxic metal mercury, which is difficult to dispose of in an environmentally friendly way.
LED-based aquarium lights are therefore far more sustainable for the environment and fish in every way.

aquarium lights from plant lights in Odense Zoo

Our SunLight LED plant growth lamp has the additional advantage that it uses up to 90% less electricity compared to other light sources, which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly lamps on the market, so this is both beneficial for our planet and for your electricity bill. The lamp's strong white growth diodes enable the plants in the aquarium to grow under optimal conditions, as well as to form stronger roots than they would otherwise be able to. Visit Odense zoo and see all their beautiful aquariums for yourself.

If you need help or want to know more about plant lights for aquariums, you are more than welcome to contact our team of LED experts here

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The lights in an aquarium should typically be switched on 8-12 hours a day to mimic a natural light pattern and support the health of plants and animals. It's important to avoid over-lighting to prevent algae growth.

The choice of light for an aquarium depends on the contents of the aquarium. For planted freshwater aquariums, LED lights with a broad spectrum are ideal as they promote plant growth and are energy efficient. For saltwater aquariums, especially those with corals, stronger LED lights or T5 fluorescent lights are recommended to meet the light needs of the corals.

Aquariums should have lights on for 8-12 hours a day to mimic natural lighting conditions and support plant growth and animal wellbeing. It's important to keep a consistent light cycle to avoid stress in aquarium inhabitants.
The optimal number of lumens for an aquarium depends on its size and content. In general, 20-40 lumens per litre is recommended for freshwater aquariums and up to 60 lumens per litre or more for planted aquariums or saltwater aquariums with corals to ensure adequate lighting.