LED Grow Light 40Watt - Spring 2023

Grow light for chilli plants

Spring is here soon!

And with one growth lamp may spring come to your plants even sooner!

Indoor cultivation with LED grow light

Although spring is soon just around the corner, it is here Unfortunately, there is still some time before it will be possible to start gardening. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to start growing your own plants and vegetables.

There are many alternatives to simply sowing and growing your plants outside, with soil as growth medium, and sun as light source. There is actually a whole world of effective and modern alternative cultivation methods. There are, among other things aeroponics, hydroponics and aquaponics, but you don't have to be an expert in all those words to start your indoor growing adventure. 

The most important thing you need to know is simply that with a grow light from plant lights (or maybe a indoor vegetable garden), it is possible to grow your plants inside without having to depend on the sun or the seasons.

Without lamps especially suitable for plant growth, it can be a challenge to give your indoor plants the most optimal lighting, and you may therefore experience that the plants stretch themselves out in the direction of the sunlight, in order to absorb as much as possible.

But when plants don't get it sufficient amount of light and is forced to stretch out the plants develop thin stems and spindly leaves, and it becomes a very unhealthy plant. 

As I said, all this is not a problem when you have an LED grow light. The grow lamp allows you to create the most ideal conditions for your plants. Lamp emits namely grow lights for your plants, this gives your plants the right lighting all year round, regardless of whether your plants are in a place with sunlight available. Plant lights have a large selection of grow light lamps.

Broad-spectrum LED grow lights

With a UFO LED pendant grow light lamp from SunFlux your plants achieve the maximum illumination, it is therefore very beneficial if you want to promote the growth of the plants. The lamp creates the most ideal conditions for your plants, so you no longer have to worry about whether they get the right lighting during the day or at night. 

This LED grow light comes with a built-in power supply, making it possible to use one external power supply unnecessary. Setting up the lamp is quite simple - it is simply connected to a socket via the included cable. For the greatest possible use of the lamp's properties, we recommend that you hang the lamp directly above the plant you wish to give green light to. The lamp can be suspended with the included wiring kit.

The grow lamp is ideal for growing chilli plants where the IR light ensures flowering and fruiting. The lamp can also be used for germinating plants, and is therefore particularly well suited for growing micro green.

The lamp's specific combination of LEDs with different wavelengths also helps to promote the production of THC in hemp/cannabis plants.

Recommendations when using UFO LED pendant grow light lamp:

– Covers a growing area of diameter 120cm, at a height of 80cm above the plants.
– Recommended distance for growing plants is 30-70 cm depending on the plants' light needs.
– Recommended distance for plant germination is 20-25cm, depending on the light needs of the sprouts.
- It is recommended to have the plant lamp on between 10-16 hours per day.

The grow lamp's unique spectrum provides an effective grow light for most plants:

88 Paragraph 630 nm Red LED Gives green leaf growth
84 Paragraph 660 nm Red LED Gives green green growth
60 pcs. 460 nm Blue LED Produces robust plants
 4 pcs. 395 nm UV LED Promotes the production of flavor in plants and increases their resilience
 4 pcs. 730nm IR LED Promotes flowering and fruiting
10 pcs. 6500K/Ra70 White LED Provides robust plants and visible colors
Plant light spectrum growth lamp
Plant light spectrum growth lamp

Technical data:

Excitement: 85-265 VAC
Effect: 40 watts
Spread angle: 60°
Dimmable: No
Diameter: 33 cm
Height: 3 cm
Water tightness: IP20
Life expectancy: 25,000 hours
Working temperature: -20° to +50°C
LED type: Full spectrum growth diodes
Lifetime Warranty: 2 years
PAIR@30cm 150 μmol/m2/S *
PAIR@50cm 75 μmol/m2/S *

Effect of grow lights:

The effect of grow lights, i.e. how much power they use and how powerful they are, is measured in watts, but you cannot use this value to compare different lamps with each other, in relation to how good they are at growing plants, because not all lamps emit the same amount of light per watt. A new measurement unit has therefore been invented that shows how much plant-friendly light a lamp produces and emits.

This unit is μmol/m²/s (Micromole per square meter per second). The abbreviation PPFD is often used. PPFD is an abbreviation for photosynthetic photon flux density, this sounds very complex, but there is simply the amount of “light” per square meters. 

In order to achieve full photosynthesis in the plants, and thus the best possible growth, the plants must have around 16 hours of light daily in the following quantities: 

Houseplants: 30 – 200 PPFD
Large-leaved plants (lettuce, basil mf): 200 – 600 PPFD
Chili plants: 400 – 800 PPFD
Tomato plants: 600 – 1000 PPFD

In comparison, the sun in the middle of the day provides approx. 2000 PPFD outside in summer and approx. 1200 PPFD outside in winter.

You can read more about how many µmol plants need to thrive here.