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If you are an enthusiastic garden owner, an urban gardener or just someone who wants to bring some greenery into your home, then you have come to the right place. We will dive into the various aspects of gardening and plant accessories so that you get a clear understanding of what to look for and where to find it in Copenhagen.

The importance of quality

When it comes to buy plant accessories and grow lights in Copenhagen, it is important to prioritize quality. Your choice of plants, soil and tools will directly affect your plants and their ability to thrive. Remember that cheaper is not always better. Invest in good products and you will see the results in your garden, balcony or potted plants.

Types of plant accessories

Plants and seeds

The first step to a lush garden is choosing the right plants and organic seeds. There are a multitude of options, so think about which plants suit your home best and which thrive in Copenhagen's climate.

Fertilizer and soil

Choosing the right soil and fertilizer is crucial for your plant growth and health. Consider organic liquid fertilizer and coconut flour with good drainage to ensure your plants get the nutrients they need.

Garden tools

A good set of garden tools is necessary to maintain and care for your plants. Make sure you have shovels, rakes, pruning shears and gloves in your collection.

Pots and containers

Looking for the right container for your plants? Consider pots in different sizes, materials and colors to create an aesthetic statement and ensure your plants have room to grow.

Grow lights for indoor growth

Unfortunately, after a sunny summer comes the Danish winter, which is completely without light. So if you want to overwinter your plants, you need lots of light, the most energy-saving is to use quality grow light.

Good places to buy plant accessories in Copenhagen

Nurseries and garden centres, and specialist shops

Copenhagen has several excellent places where you can find a large selection of plant accessories. Visit it locally store in Albertslund to get advice and guidance from experienced specialists, and see our showroom.

How to create your own green space

Balcony garden

Do you have a balcony? Transform it into a green sanctuary with hanging plants, climbing plants and flower boxes. It's a great way to create a private outdoor space, even in the heart of the city. At Plantelys you will find organic seeds for your balcony project.

Indoor plants

Bring nature indoors with a selection of indoor plants. From large green houseplants to small succulents, there are plants to suit every style and space. Or you can get one smart garden, which fits perfectly on the kitchen table.

Maintenance and care of your plants


Watering is the key to healthy plants. Do not overwater your plants, but make sure they get the necessary amount of water, especially during dry periods. Acquire any a soil moisture meter.

Pruning and support

Pruning and support are important to keep your plants healthy and in good shape. Learn to prune properly and use plant stands or trellises to support your plants

If you need help, we are available on the phone or visit our showroom.

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