The best grow lights in 2023

Grow lights on basil

It is not easy to find the best grow lights. But Hwhy use grow lights? Maybe you want to live out your dream of becoming a gardener?

Doesn't the Danish weather always allow you to get out and grow your own flowers, herbs, fruits and peppers? Or don't you have a garden with space to grow plants? Then you should follow along here.

Summer in Denmark unfortunately does not last long, which gives limited opportunities to grow different plants, flowers or herbs. Therefore, a fantastic alternative to being dependent on the sun is to use LED grow lights.

LED grow lights allow you to grow different plants, fruits or herbs regardless of the location of your plants in your house or apartment.

LED grow lights allow you to create the most ideal conditions for your plants so they can grow big and beautiful. Below is a picture of plants grown inside a basement, using the best grow lights for exactly these plants.

They are therefore grown 100% independently from anything, both from the sun and the Danish climate. With the best grow lights, you can grow plants anywhere, completely independent of the outside world. 

However, it is important to point out that there is no specific grow light that is the best grow light, but that all plants have different needs, and that it is therefore not the same grow light that is the best grow light for a plant, as it might be for another plant. When looking for the best grow light, it is therefore important to consider which plants you want to try to grow.

There are many different methods to optimize the amount of light and heat your plants receive. Some people sometimes place their plants close to the window so that the plant points in the direction of the sun, that way the plants get a bit of natural sunlight. But this frequently turns out to be insufficient light (µmol), and thus not good enough for the plants. 

When the plants are placed close to the window, the plants stretch out in the direction of the sun, in order to absorb as much light as possible. However, this causes the plant's leaves and stems to become flimsy and thin, and can also result in yellow leaves. It is therefore not a good enough trace, and it is therefore recommended to supplement with artificial light to avoid problems.

Microgreen, Microgreen, PlanteSpire, seed sprout
Example of plants with healthy green leaves

But even if the best grow lights are LED grow lights, there are also many other alternatives to LED grow lights, such as cheaper alternatives such as halogen bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

However, halogen bulbs and fluorescent tubes incur expensive operating costs as they are very inefficient and therefore use a lot of power.

However, both of these two alternatives also come with additional disadvantages, including that they have a significantly shorter lifespan compared to LED grow lights. 

The best grow lights are undoubtedly LED grow lights, they ensure that your plants get the optimal amount of light and heat, but also that you save on the electricity bill.

In addition, LED grow lights give you a significantly longer lifespan compared to halogen bulbs and fluorescent tubes, and you thereby save further in that you do not have to buy replacement bulbs nearly as often.

Which LED grow light lamp should I choose, what is the best grow light for me?

In order to choose the right LED grow lamp, it is important to find out which plant it should illuminate, as different plants require different amounts of light. Some plants need more light than others, and sometimes also light of other colors or wavelengths. Therefore, it is important to find out which plant you want to create the best conditions for.

Plant lamps in vertical horticulture grow light
Plants grown in a basement with the very best grow lights for exactly these plants

If you are dealing with larger plants and therefore want to illuminate a larger area, you can use our LED plant growth lamp on either 100 watts or 200 watts, the lamp can cope in a humid environment, which is very practical. This plant growth lamp can easily be called the best grow light, it can illuminate larger areas and ensures that your plants get the best conditions. Among other things, Odense zoo has used this growth lamp, you can read more about that here.

At plant lights, we also have many alternatives that are suitable for smaller plants, flowers or herbs. You can see our range of some of the world's best grow lights here.

If you have big plans and dream of growing many plants, flowers or herbs at once, a good option could be to buy the Samsung Quantum board. With Samsung Quantum board because it is easy to grow many plants and flowers at once.

Depending on the exact model, a single Samsung Quantum board can give you the opportunity to illuminate and cover an area equivalent to 4 large plants or more. Our Samsung Quantum board comes in a total of 110 Watts and up, and allows you to dim the light, and you can easily scale up your cultivation project by using several Quantum boards.

Read more about grow lights here.

If you are in doubt about which grow light suits your needs, you are always welcome to contact us here.